Tap to Can

Tap to Can

How It Works


Can on the Run will fill and seam your pre-printed cans, wrapped cans, or Brite cans for filling. Our filler is designed for either 12 or 16 oz 211 cans and standard 202 ends.

Optionally, we can provide brite cans, Paktech handles and trays delivered on the day of canning. You don’t have to pre-purchase and store these items tying up valuable space and capital. Since we take back any unused items, we only invoice for the quantities used.

Standard Service includes:

  • Interior can rinse.
  • Date code applied by Ink-Jet printer to bottom of every can.
  • Counter-pressure fill.
  • End application and seaming.
  • Exterior rinse and blow dry.
  • Packaging executed by the customer

Optional services include:

  • Label application.
    – Automated labeling immediately following accumulation
    – Customer provided labels
  • Packaging of cans (PakTech handles and/or trays).

Optional supplies to be delivered on canning day include:

  • Brite Cans and Ends (12 & 16 oz)
    – We inventory and sell Brite cans bringing them to you on the day of service.
    – You only pay for cans used.
    – This means no housing of empty cans for the customer.
  • PakTech Handles (4 & 6 pack)
  • Case trays