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A better approach to packaging beer.

While enjoying a beer one afternoon at a local Craft Brewery, Dave observed a bartender manually filling and seaming a can behind the bar. With his packaging background, Dave knew that there must be a way to perform this task more efficiently and consistently.

Upon further investigation, it became apparent that our region is underserved by mobile canning providers. With the blessing and support of his wife and business partner, Cindy, Can on the Run was born.

Dave’s 30+ years in packaging machinery was put to work in sourcing the best available system to serve this growing market. A Codi counter pressure canning system was purchased to provide the highest quality canning service across the broadest range of C02 and temperatures.

Located in Greenville, SC, we are in the center of a very active craft brewing region and have quick access to our customers. Our facility is equipped both to maintain our equipment, and inventory cans and other consumables for our customers.

As business owners since 2002, we understand small business and know that the quality of your product is first and foremost, whether it is served across your bar or imbibed from a can in someone’s backyard. Our equipment, cleaning processes and quality control throughout the canning process assure that your brew tastes as good out of a can as it does out of your tap.