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How It Works

How It Works



up a Plan

Contact us to
customize a plan

We’ll visit your facility to cover:

  • Your needs
    • Products to be canned
    • Volume
    • Timing
  • Consumables needed:
    • Cans/Labels/PakTechs/trays
  • Pricing
  • Space and utilities available
    for canning
    • Power
    • Compressed Air
    • C02
    • CIP
    • Workspace
    • Loading/unloading area


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a canning date​

Schedule Your Canning Session

Once we have brewed up a plan, a representative from Can on the Run will set up an account for you.


Then, book a canning date on our web calendar using the TAP TO CAN button.


Watch business


Grow your brand

We can your beer and you watch profits FLOW.

Can on the Run arrives with canning equipment and needed consumables.


Can on the Run rolls in and sets up our equipment for your canning run.


We clean up and roll out. You sell your canned brews!

Our Process When We Arrive At Your Location

Set up our canning line in your facility.

Sanitize Cans (inside)

Date Code Cans

Fill and Seam cans.

Rinse Cans (outside)

Seam and Weight testing throughout the run

Optional Label Application

Unitized & Palletized

(4/6 packs and/or Trays)

*Performed By Brewery


Check out our video

A better approach to packaging beer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Equipment Related

Counter-Pressure canning technology keeps your beverage pressurized from tank to can, minimizing DO pick-up and maintaining carbonation levels.  This also allows us to can products at higher temperature and carbonation than traditional open atmosphere fillers.  The snift feature creates the needed Foam over Beer cap after the fill, allowing for more accurate fills and less waste. 

Our complete canning system is brought to you in our liftgate equipped truck.  We can unload through a loading dock or from ground level, and roll the equipment into position.

We follow Good Manufacturing Practices for Craft Brewers (GMPCBs) with regards to our equipment.  Our process includes Hi-temperature CIP both prior to your fill, and immediately after.   One of the reasons we bought a Codi Filler, is that it handles 180⁰ caustic, Bi-Directional CIP, assuring our customers the cleanest mobile canning equipment available.

Our canner has a fully mechanical seamer, which is far more reliable and consistent than less precise pneumatic seamers. Can break-downs and measurements are taken at set-up and throughout the run.

Services Related

The smallest run takes 3-5 hours, as set-up and tear-down can take 2-3 hours alone.  Fill rates range from 5 to 9 barrels per hour depending on product and conditions.

No, but we do have a minimum charge to offset our travel and set-up/tear-down costs.   As a small business serving other small businesses, we want to work with you and your specific needs, as we both need one another to grow.  Please contact us to discuss your volumes and how we can work together.